How to search?

Search by enter your term or phrase in the search box on the home page and clicking on "search" or hitting enter. You can then narrow your search by using the facets that will emerge after your search.

How to browse?

Initiate your browse by selecting a country on the left panel. Once you have selected a country, the table of contents for that country's compendia will appear in the left panel. From there you can select a specific section and the tables within that section will appear in the results panel.

How do I search in selected countries?

You will need to conduct your search from the home page and then use the geographic facets to narrow your search to the country or countries you would like to focus on. You cannot pre-select the countries to search.

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries will be covered in ProQuest's Statistical Abstracts of the World?

The first release will cover the most current statistical abstracts for 34 countries. We'll add 6-8 more countries by the end of the year. Next year at this time we hope to be covering 50 countries.

What about those countries that do not publish Statistical Abstracts? Will the product have any data for those countries?

Yes, we will include the global and regional statistical yearbooks issued by the United Nations and other international organizations. The first release will cover the current editions of World Development Indicators, the UN Demographic Yearbook, and the EU's Key Figures for Europe. We plan to add 5 or 6 similar titles this year and next.

What are the benefits of mixing these two types of content sources?

The statistics issued by international organizations support the researcher interested in comparing one country to another. Foreign governments often have varying statistical definitions and methods, and these variations are normalized in regional and global statistical abstracts. The benefit of foreign government statistical abstracts is that they support in-depth research on a single country. These collections, which are prepared by national statistical offices, contain current data on topics that are often not covered by international organizations - population trends, ethnic mix, religion, recreation & leisure, consumer spending, etc. They also contain an abundance of sub-national data.

How will users find the sub-national data?

After you do a search or open a report section, you can apply any of these content filters: By city, By county or district, by internal region, or by province or state.

Will you only provide access to the current or will you preserve prior editions as the product matures?

We will archive as we go. Coverage starts with the edition available in 2013. Next year at this time - or, let's say, five years from now, the default mode will be to search the most current edition. You will have the option to expand the scope of search to "all editions", where previous collections will be available. ProQuest's Statistical Abstract of the U.S. will follow that same pattern.